Adobe ImageReady CS

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Bundled)

Adobe ImageReady CS is a program developed by Adobe for editing bitmap graphics. It is bundled with the Adobe Photoshop CS version and was first released in October 2003. This program is particularly designed for quick web graphics editing. It offers lesser features compared to the Photoshop. The CS version is the fifth release of the program. It offers several changes and new additions.

Here are some changes made to Adobe ImageReady CS version:

• Improved User Interface – Adobe made some changes to the program’s interface in order for users to make use of it efficiently. The interface is now web-focused allowing users to choose, copy, and manipulate several objects.
• Improved Photoshop Integration – In this version, Photoshop and ImageReady now uses the same CPU optimization routines. This allows faster integration between the two applications. When transferring files between the two programs, it only transfers the changes made to the file.
• Export to Flash Function – The CS version of ImageReady added a function for exporting Photoshop layers as SWF files.
• Data and Variables Set – The program enables users to create dynamic webpages through its Data and Variables Set feature. This feature allows users to define these two sets.

Development of ImageReady has been discontinued after the release of the Adobe Creative Suite 3.