Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Systems, Inc. (Proprietary)

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics released on January 1987. The program is used for designing and creating digital graphics, illustrations, and web/mobile/video content. It offers different tools and functions to create various types of vector graphics.

The program features different vector drawing controls. These controls are used for creating distinct designs using painterly/fluid brushes, shape-building tools, and path controls. There are also different transparency and gradients tools available in the program. The available gradients can interact with the objects while giving the user control over the transparency of each color in gradients. Users can also use different types of strokes for their vector graphic project including arrowheads, variable-width strokes, art brush scaling, and dashes.

Adobe Illustrator also offers an in-panel appearance editor, which allows editing of object characteristics straight from the Appearance panel. The program can also be used to create PDF files containing graphic-rich and multipage contents. There are also various tools and functions for creating advanced typography. Aside from these, the application features perspective drawing for drawing scenes and shapes with a realistic distance and depth. Drawings can also be enhanced with the program’s enhancements tools.

Other prominent features found in Adobe Illustrator include Multiple Artboard Enhancements, Adobe Products Integration, and Broad Support for Graphic File Format.