Adobe Illustrator CS5

Adobe Systems Inc. (Shareware)

Adobe Illustrator CS5 is a vector graphics editing suite. CS5 was first released in April 2010. Adobe Illustrator is mostly used by vector artists, web designers, interactive designers, and motion graphics designers. One of the top features of Adobe Illustrator CS5 is Perspective Drawing. It provides perspective grids as a guide for designers to draw accurate shapes and scenes. The Perspective tool enables users to move, scale, transform, and duplicate objects from one plane to another.

Five additions to Beautiful Strokes (strokes) were also made – variable-width strokes, dashed line control, precise arrowheads, stretch control for brushes, and brushes with corner control. These additions make using brushes even more flexible. The program also offers several drawing enhancements for improving drawing tasks.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 also provides designers the option to use Bristle Brush. With the Bristle Brush feature, designers can recreate the look of a brushstroke while still retaining the vector-feel of the project. Designers can change the brush settings, such as length, thickness, brush size, and stiffness. The Bristle Brush tool can be used with the Wacom 6D ArtPen, which detects pressure, tilt, and barrel rotation.

Other features of the program include the following:
Multiple artboards (create up to 100 artboards)
In-panel appearance editing
Transparency in gradients
Refined graphic tiles
Separations preview