Adobe Illustrator CS2 16.2.0

Adobe Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Adobe Illustrator CS2 is the second release of the Illustrator program after it was rebranded to Illustrator CS. This vector graphics-editing program is used for creating, editing, and manipulating vector graphics that are made of curves and lines defined by vectors. The program is available as a standalone program or as a component of the Adobe Creative Suite 2.

Some of the changes and additions available in Illustrator CS2 include:

• Live Trace – This is a new feature added to the CS2 version. The Live Trace is used for converting bitmaps to vector graphics. With this tool, users can simply scan an image or sketch, then the tool can transform it into vector graphics with editable anchor points and paths. This tool also incorporates 12 tracing presets, which can be used for different raster image types.
• Live Paint – This feature is used for applying colors to vector graphics without the need to create and layer objects. To use this program, the user only has to convert a file to Live Paint objects then use the Live Paint Bucket tool for applying the desired colors. This tool features two additional object type – edges and regions.
• Photoshop CS2 Integration – The CS2 version of Illustrator offers improvements to its Photoshop Integration feature. Aside from the integration features available in previous releases, this version is now capable of opening a Photoshop file that contains layer comps.
• Control Palette – This added feature is used for locating and selecting Illustrator tools easily. This feature is similar to the Control Palette found in InDesign. With this feature, users can now access frequently used palettes from a single palette.