Adobe GoLive CS2

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Proprietary)

Adobe GoLive CS2 offers WYSIWYG editor to create websites. It is also a website management application to manage a website’s backend using a combination of drag and drop features and the WYSIWYG editor. It has separate options for editing tables that can provide nesting. It displays CSS styles using a two-dimensional panel. It also has the “Components” tool that allows the user to globally update the entire website when changing a single file. Since it is a website management application, it can let users publish content (and changes) immediately from the application to the live website.

One of GoLive CS2’s unique features is that it is associated with Adobe’s core products. These core products include Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. A website creator who heavily relies on these products will find ease of use through GoLive CS2’s Bridge application. This application can let GoLive CS2 navigate to all the user’s assets (in the other products) through a visual preview. There is no need to switch from one product to another. GoLive CS2 also added CSS Block Objects. It can create an editable template that can be saved in an external style sheet.

Other features of GoLive CS2 are the following:

• Addition of a Layout Grid
• Support for mobile phones
• Ability to crop images
• Ability to batch-convert HTML to XHTML files.

This product is discontinued in favor of Adobe Dreamweaver.