Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Freeware)

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder is a professional-grade application that supports live video streaming. The application enables users to perform multiple streaming activities all at the same time. Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder can be used for live video streaming via webcam and can perform replays at an instant. Replaying of videos is made possible by the DVR functionality feature.  Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder supports recording of audio and video files which requires a recording device plugged to the computer.  The recording process can be configured by adjusting the bitrate and file format.

The application has a user-friendly interface to easily control and do streaming activities without any difficulty. Aside from the simple interface feature, it has an encoding option that can be customized by creating a new set up or by choosing existing presets.

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder has a display option that shows output video, input video, and audio level.  A user can configure the setting of the input/output size using the Video Preview Menu. The software has an Output Preview Control that is used in selecting streaming options during the encoding process. This control option can select which stream to display during multiple streaming activities. The software has a control panel that is used in configuring settings for encoding sessions, encoding options, and encoding logs.