Adobe® Flash® Media Encoder

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Freeware)

Adobe® Flash® Media Encoder is a program that is able to stream live feeds from cameras that support DirectShow filters and are connected via FireWire or USB. It is able to record the audio and video of a feed separately, and users can customize the format of each and their bitrates. For instance, users can specify the sample rate for the audio and the frame rate for the video. Users who only need a portion of the image from the video feed can crop and preview the selected part. This application is ideal for high-quality music or podcast streaming or for broadcasting live events such as concerts, promotional events, sporting events, and similar activities.

It also has a DVR functionality that provides users with the ability to replay video feeds instantly. This application has an easy-to-use interface that is easily navigable even by novice computer users. It lets users configure encoding options on the fly and even create custom presets as necessary. The feed can be saved to file or simultaneously streamed to a Flash Media Server or to the Flash Video Streaming Service. Users can specify the file size of the duration of the video when saving a file. Automating the encoding can be done through the application’s DVR Auto Record feature.