Adobe Flash CS6

Adobe Systems Incorporated. (Shareware)

Adobe Flash CS6 is a Rich Internet program created and published by Adobe Systems, Inc. It is used for authoring games, animations, RIAs, and vector graphics. The program is a component of the Adobe CS6 suite. But, it can also be purchased as a separate program. The CS6 provides new improvements and additional features not present in previous CS versions.

The following are the additional functions, features and enhancements for Adobe Flash CS6:

• Wide Device and Platform support – This version now has support to devices running on iOS and Android platforms.
• Sprite Sheet Generation – This new feature enables designers to create multiple individual movie clips for various animations appearing within one game.
• Adobe AIR Mobile Simulation – The Flash CS6 version features offers designers a way to add intuitive interactivity and expression to content. It also enables designers to test touch gestures by simulating this kind of functions via the program.
• Stage3D Targeting – The CS6 version of Flash allows designers to define and specify hardware-accelerated 2D content with its Direct Rendering model.
• Support for Multiple AIR SDK – This version now features a way to manage installation of AIR SDKs via a single menu command.
• Prepackaged AIR App Creation – Adobe Flash CS6 also enables designers to create applications using a prepackaged AIR captive runtime.