Adobe Flash CS5.5 11.5.2

Adobe Systems Incorporated. (Shareware)

Adobe Flash CS5.5 is a program developed by Adobe Systems, Inc. used to author games, animations, vector graphics, and RIAs. These things can be executed, viewed, and played using Adobe Flash Player. The program is used by visual effects artists, web designers, interactive designers, motion graphic designs, and graphic designers. The CS5.5 version provides new features not present in previous CS versions. It also offers enhancements requested by Adobe Flash customers.

The following are the major changes made in Flash CS5.5:

• Content Scaling – The CS5.5 version of Flash provides designers an option to scale the file’s content during the resizing stage. During this stage, all the elements within the file are also scaled.
• Improved Workflows – The Flash CS5.5 Professional enables designers a simplified way to create and manage several FLA files developed for one project.  
• Symbol Rasterizations – Flash CS5.5 offers two options that enable designers to export and convert contents as bitmaps.
• Streamlined document settings and publishing – The program offers an improved Publish Settings that can be accessed straight from Properties panel. This settings dialog box offers several configurations to choose multiple formats and editing tools. There is also a function to publish SWC files to a preferred path without publishing SWF files.
• Improved Layer Controls – This feature provides more functions with layers including copy-and-paste functions and duplicating functions.