Adobe Flash CS4 10.0.2

Adobe Systems Incorporated. (Shareware)

Adobe Flash CS4 is an authoring environment developed by Adobe Systems, Inc. It is included in the Adobe Creative Suite 3 but can also be bought as a standalone program. The program is used for authoring animations, vector graphics, RIAs, and games that are viewable, playable, and executable in Adobe Flash Player.

Here are some major features/enhancements made in Adobe Flash CS4:
• New object-based animation model – This feature enables motion tweens to be applied straight to the objects unlike the previous versions where the motion tweens are applied to the keyframes.
• New 3D transformations – The CS4 version of Flash Professional provides 3D transformational tools for animating 2D objects. These 3D transformational tools offer two 3D motion effects. The first one enables twirling and spinning the project within a 3D environment and the second effect offers visually object manipulation.
• Bones Tool – This new tool enables developers to link symbols together via “bones”, which can be animated then controlled. The Bones Tool also enables users to control motions as well as control distortions of individual objects.
• Motion Presets Panel/Motion Editor Panel – Flash CS4 offers a collection of prebuilt animations. The program also enables developers to control keyframe parameter using its Motion Editor Panel. This editor provides different tools such as rotate, resize, position, filter, scale, and more.
• Adobe Air Authoring – The CS4 version of Flash Professional offers a built-in Adobe Air. The program provides a Publish dialog box used for bundling all the files needed to develop an Adobe AIR program.

Other features available in Flash CS4 include Adobe Media Encoder support, XFL support, Metadata support, and Creative Pro Online services.