Adobe Flash CS3 9.0.2

Adobe Systems Incorporated. (Shareware)

Adobe Flash CS3, previously known as Macromedia Flash, is a software and multimedia platform developed by Adobe Systems, Inc. The program is used for authoring Rich Internet Applications, animation, vector graphics, and games. It can be bought as a standalone application or as a component of Adobe CS 3 Master Collection, Web Standard, Web Premium, Design Premium, and Production Premium.

The CS3 version provides new features and improvements that aim to create interactive content. The following are some of the major new features available in Flash CS3:

• Integration with Adobe Illustrator, Device Central and Photoshop – This feature enables developers and designers to import content from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to Flash Professional. The Device Central integration enables developers to create, preview, and manage mobile projects.
• Animation to Action Script Conversion – Flash CS3 provides developers and designers to convert animations to Action Script 3.0.
• Common Adobe CS3 User Interface – This CS3 version enables users to use a common user interface found in other Adobe products.
• Additional Drawing Tools – Flash CS3 offers additional drawing tools including the pen tool. There are also new functions used for manipulating Bézier and more.
• Action Script Development with Advanced Debugger – The program also provides wide language for beginners and a new programming environment to professionals. It also offers an ActionSript debugger for testing contents.

Other added features available in Flash CS3 include advanced QuicTime export, programming tools, video encoding, and UI components for the ActionScript 3.0.