Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5

Adobe Systems (Proprietary)

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 is a program used in developing user interfaces for various software and applications. This program is part of the Adobe Creative Suite released in April 2010. Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 allows users to create graphic user interfaces along with Adobe applications such as Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Fireworks. The program is also capable of importing files from the aforementioned applications where they can edit and add text and graphic content, edit interface behavior, and create animated transitions for user interfaces. Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 allows users to create user interfaces using text, graphics, sounds, and flash animation along with other applications included in the Adobe Creative Suite. In addition to these, Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 provides users with a code workspace for editing minute details in their graphic user inter face projects, and a set of tools found in Adobe Flash Builder application such as project navigator and code editor. Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 also supports WYSIWYG text and graphics content in its project development process.

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 features a user interface that contains eight main parts. The first part contains the main menu and main control buttons that execute actions in the program. Below the main menu, users may find the States panel where they can switch between project states. The next parts can be found in the right-hand panel of the program window. These include the Library that allows users to import photos, graphics, and flash objects from outside programs. Other parts include the Layers panel similar to Adobe Photoshop and the Properties panel where users may view the attributes of each project element. Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 also includes a Design Time Data panel for editing projects that contains Data Grids and the Timeline panel for editing transitions. The center portion of the program window contains the workspace where users can view, edit, and work on their GUI projects.