Adobe Flash Builder 4

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Shareware)

Adobe Flash Builder 4 is an integrated development environment (IDE) developed by Adobe Systems that is used in creating cross-platform Internet applications as well as content supported by the open-source Flex framework. This program is widely used in developing cross-platform, web-based games and other applications. Adobe Flash Builder 4 is the fourth release of the original Adobe Flash Builder program. Adobe Flash Builder 4 comes in three editions: Educational which is free of charge and contains limited features, Standard, and Premium. This program is designed after the Eclipse platform that supports the development of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and Adobe Flash objects. Adobe Flash Builder 4 offers various features such as built-in code editors for MXML, ActionScript, as well as WYSIWYG numeric text editor. This program also provides with a debugger, which allows users to evaluate their projects, and step through code executions while watching expressions and evaluating variables. In addition to these, Adobe Flash Builder 4 contains added support for performance analysis that was first introduced in Adobe Flash Builder 3. This feature allows users to view statistical information about their project’s memory use.

Adobe Flash Builder 4 features a user interface that contains four main parts. The first part contains the package explorer, which allows users to locate and open their Adobe Flash Builder 4 projects saved in their local folders. The next part is the project outline, which displays the projects parts in a directory tree. This part allows users to navigate through the project sections easily. The third part is the coding or scripting page where users may type in the program codes for their Adobe Flash Builder 4 project. The last part contains the main tools and control buttons that execute actions within the program. These controls allow users to perform actions such as copy, edit, paste, cute, open, save, etc.