Adobe Extension Manager CS6

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Freeware)

Adobe Extension Manager CS6 is a program developed by Adobe Systems, Inc. used for managing and installing Adobe extensions. It handles extensions for various Adobe products including Contribute, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, InDesign, Premiere Pro, InCopy, and more. The program is installed together with these supported Adobe products. However, it can also be downloaded and installed separately from the Adobe Extension Manager website.

Adobe Systems, Inc. offers new improvements and features to the Extension Manager CS6 version. One of these is the Extension Dependency feature. With this feature, CS6 extensions now have the ability to have dependencies (i.e. extension A can be depended on Extension B and C). Specifying dependency information is also possible in MXI files. Another new feature available in this program is the Quick Search. Unlike previous versions, Extension Manager CS6 now offers a way to search for extensions through file names and metadata tags. Various filters are available as well for easy search. Aside from this, the CS6 version of the program also offers MXP to ZXP file conversion features as well as Export Extension list.

Extension Manager CS6 offers Extension Set Management features as well. This feature can be used to do the following tasks:
• Define extensions sets for various workflows
• Set up Extension Sets for Adobe products
• Defined extension sets from predefined sets (i.e. Required Extensions, Adobe Extensions, and All Extensions)