Adobe Encore

Adobe Systems, Inc. (Bundled)

Adobe Encore is the DVD Authoring program developed by Adobe Systems, Inc. It is specifically created for professional video producers. This program can be used for creating Blu-ray discs, DVDs and web DVDs using a single user interface. It can also be used for managing Adobe Premier Pro projects without rendering. This program is also bundled with Adobe Premiere Pro. It can also be integrated with other Adobe products like Photoshop, Dynamic Link, After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder.

Adobe Encore offers disc and web DVD creation. It features MPEG import, which can be used for bringing MPEG assets into the program. Viewing the right pixel aspect ratio in previews is also possible. This program also allows defining and viewing of navigation of the projects through visual representations of all links and points. Other main features include background batch encoding, 3rd party encoding integration, 24p support, multipage menus, 4k & 5k mastering and DDP master support.

The application offers various authoring tools. It has automated chapter menus that let users create multipage menus from slideshows or chapters. The program also has disk space indicator that shows visual indication of the remaining disk’s remaining capacity. Users can also directly record projects to DVD drive. Customizing workspace panel arrangements is also possible using this program. This allows users to use the customized workspace for particular tasks. Other authoring tools included in this program include region coding, DVD-ROM file addition, language coding, easy chapter point addition, copy protection, DTS audio support and so much more.