Adobe Dreamweaver CS5

Adobe Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is a web development program originally developed by Macromedia and is now being released by Adobe Systems, Inc. It is a publishing and website building application used for creating and editing web pages and applications using a built-in design and coding features. It supports various scripting languages (CSS, PHP, ASP and more) and third-party extensions. Extensions allow users to extend the functionality of this program.

Dreamweaver offers syntax-highlighting support for various languages including ColdFusion, ActionScript, Java, EDML, CSS and more. It also has Site Setup with FTP configuration and advanced feature settings allowing users to easily set up a website. The program also offers Adobe Widget Browser for adding, downloading, customizing, and inserting widget lists to websites. Dreamweaver also offers CSS Inspect used for identifying how CSS works in the webpage.

There’s also Adobe BrowserLab created for previewing how a webpage will be displayed in different Web browsers. The program also has support for jQuery Mobile, Integrated CMS, PhoneGap, and CSS3/HTML5. A Multiscreen Preview panel is also available as well as Live View. The application can also be used for enabling hinting site-specific code hinting support for CMS frameworks and 3rd party PHP libraries. It can also be integrated with Adobe Creative Suite, which can be accessed together with Fireworks, Adobe Flash, and Photoshop Extended. Other features of this program include Extended Dreamweaver community, W3C validation, Subversion Support, CSS Starter Pages, Creative Cloud features (exclusive for members), and PHP Custom Class Code Hinting.