Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

Adobe Systems, Inc. (Proprietary)

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 is a web development program published by Adobe Systems, Inc. The CS4 version was first released on September 23, 2008. The program provides all the necessary tools and functionalities to develop, design, and maintain websites. It comes with the Adobe Creative Suite 4. However, it can also be purchased as a standalone program.

The CS4 version offers new improvements and additional features. One of these features includes the Live View, which enables developers and designers to view web pages on realistic browser conditions. This version also provides two new tools – Code Navigator and Related Files – for managing files included in a web page. Dreamweaver CS4 also offers a new user interface with a common user interface components. The CS4 version improved the CSS tab feature as well. This feature now displays the CSS styles for a certain selection together with the applicable CSS rules. The previous version, Dreamweaver CS3, first introduced Spry Framework for Ajax support. The CS4 version now provides code hinting for both JavaScript and Ajax frameworks. Another new feature added in this version is the Adobe InContext Editing, which enables content authors to edit web pages with the need of a separate program.

Other new features included in Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 include:
• HTML data sets
• Subversion Integration
• Photoshop Smart Objects
• Creative Pro Online Services, and
• Adobe AIR authoring support