Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Adobe Systems, Inc. (Proprietary)

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 is a web development program published by Adobe Systems, Inc. Macromedia originally created it until the company was acquired by Adobe. This is the first version to be published by Adobe Systems. It is included as a component of the Adobe CS3 Web Standard, CS3 Design Premium, and CS3 Web Premium packages. The program is used for developing and maintaining websites.

Dreamweaver CS3 offers new features and improvements not available in earlier versions. One of these is Spry Framework for Ajax support, which enables developers and designers to use Spry Framework for Ajax to create and design dynamic user interfaces. The program also features Spry Widgets and Spry Effects. These features allow developers/designers to add user interface components as well as visual transitions. This version offers Photoshop CS3, Device Central, and Bridge CS3 integration as well. With these added features, developers now have the ability to use Dreamweaver CS3 together with these Adobe products.

Other added features included in the CS3 version of Dreamweaver include:
• CSS Layouts – used for getting websites up and running as well as provide code inline comments
• Browser Compatibility Check – provides reports identifying CSS-related problems in different browsers.
• Manage CSS – used for moving CSS rules from various documents.
• Adobe CSS Advisor – offers links that provides tips and solutions found in the reports generated by Browser Compatibility Check.