Adobe DNG Converter

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Freeware)

Adobe DNG Converter is a free tool used for converting the format of camera-specific raw data to the universal Digital Negative (DNG) raw format. DNG is a raw image format created by Adobe Systems. It is specifically designed to preserve digital image, comprehensive/easy exploitation, multi-vendor interoperability and in-camera use. The program supports several camera brands including Canon, Casio, Panasonic, Sony, Leica, Nikon, and more.

The program works by extracting the raw image data from the image file and arranging it based on the DNG specification. It also includes the metadata of the original file, which are based on the camera’s characteristics.  In some instances, the program may ignore some of metadata of the image file and only include the basic data needed to create a HQ image. The program’s interface is straightforward. It is a simple single-windowed interface where all settings and options needed to convert an image is displayed. To use the program, users only have to choose the image folder to be converted, location of the converted file, and the name of the converted file then begin the conversion. A drag-and-drop feature is available as well for transferring images onto the program. The application also features a set of configuration options, which can be applied to ensure lossless compression. The Preference window offers two main options – Linear (demosaiced) and Uncompressed.