Adobe Digital Editions Converter

PDFSVG (Shareware)

Adobe Digital Editions Converter permits the quick conversion of e-book files into PDF or Portable Document Format. This format has the advantage of being lightweight in terms of file size, so it can be easily stored in devices with relatively low storage capacity. In addition to convenient viewing, users can also use the converter utility to print out their e-books.

The converter has a basic interface and an extensive wizard feature that permits novice computer users to convert their files. This, in addition to the intuitive layout, makes the application easy to use. However, the program does require the user to install Adobe’s Digital Editions, which is a tool made to allow the user to read e-books. The books must be opened so the utility can process these for conversion.

Adobe Digital Editions Converter looks for the e-book in Adobe Digital Editions. The user then has to input the file name for the PDF output, as well as identify a directory or file path for the output as well. Users can customize page size output. Files may also be resized for the window size of the user’s preferred e-reader. The conversion time the program takes depends on the size of the e-book, as well as the amount and quality of images and text contained within.