Adobe Device Central CS5

Adobe Systems Inc. (Bundled)

Adobe Device Central CS5 is a mobile device authoring program developed by Adobe Systems, Inc. This program is a component of the Adobe Creative Suite 5 and was initially released in March 2007. The main purpose of this application is to incorporate other components of Creative Suite together to assist creative professionals, mobile developers as well as web designers in viewing and testing web, Flash Lite, bitmap and video files for mobile devices. Adobe Device Central CS5 can be accessed from all of the Creative Suite 5 components.

The Device Central CS5 application offers coders and designers a testing facility to show how graphics and pages will look like when incorporated in a mobile device. The program lets coders and designers view pages and graphics in a variety of mobile phone aspects including memory constraints, color depths, screen resolutions, and other performance aspects. It can also be use to view and test graphic designs/content on a computer before integrating it on a mobile phone for the final tests.

Other functions of the Adobe Device Central CS5 application include simulating backlight dimming of mobile phones, modifying color balance and inserting artificial screen reflections, rescaling graphics, and tuning graphic designs under different aspects without the extra work. The program also features multi-touch, geolocation and accelerometer.