Adobe Device Central CS4

Adobe Systems (Shareware)

Adobe Device Central CS4 is a program developed and published by Adobe Systems, Inc. for testing, creating and previewing mobile media content. It is released as a component of a Adobe Creative Suite 4 and as a component of selected standalone Adobe products including Photoshop/Photoshop Extended CS4, Flash CS4 Professional, Illustrator CS4, After Effects CS4, Dreamweaver CS4, Premiere Pro CS4, and Adobe Fireworks. It provides developers emulated mobile device skins that display the look of the device and the appearance of the created content on those devices.

Device Central CS4 offers several improvements and added features. It features Scripted Testing that enables developers to perform test scripts batch processing. Developers may also create a test script for one mobile device then test it on different supported mobile devices. This version offers Snapshot functionality as well. It allows developed to take and view snapshots at different frames. With this feature, it is also possible to preview how mobile content appears on certain devices. Network Performance Simulation is available in Device Central CS4 as well. This feature provides new controls to developers when conducting Network Performance tests. Another new feature added to the CS4 version is the Log Window, which saves snapshots taken during scripted test sessions.

Other new features available in Device Central CS4 include:
• Video Recording
• Mobile Project Management
• After Effects integration
• Video integration
• Export Options, and
• Online Device Library

Adobe Device Central CS4 has been discontinued on April 23, 2012.