Adobe Device Central CS3

Adobe Systems (Proprietary)

Adobe Device Central CS3 is a program used for testing and previewing Flash Lite, web, video content, and web content for handy devices. This is the first version released by Adobe Systems, Inc. in March 2007 as a component of the Adobe Creative Suite 3. The program offers coders and designers a testing facility that determines how graphics and pages look like on different mobile devices with various color depths, memory constraints, screen resolutions, and other elements.

Device Central CS3 provides an extensive library containing mobile device profiles. These profiles contain details about all the supported devices. Available information includes navigation type, screen size, settings, supported content types, and more. Developers may also compare the supported devices by viewing them side by side. Other tasks that can be performed in this program include performing dynamic searches, organizing devices, creating groups, and more. The program also offers a testing environment that enables developers and testers to test and preview the behavior, performance, and appearance of the mobile content. Flash Lite device emulation is available as well. With this feature, developers and testers can use an emulated device skin that can interact with the Flash Lite content and test how the content works on the mobile device. Device Central CS3 features regular updates on regular device profiles as well as integration with various CS3 products.

Development of Adobe Device Central CS3 has been discontinued on April 23, 2012.