Adobe Contribute CS4

Adobe Systems, Inc. (Shareware)

Adobe Contribute CS4 is a program published by Adobe Systems, Inc. to help users manage and publish websites. Its primary purpose is to provide a single program that integrates all the necessary tasks in web publishing. The program is composed of two elements – a publishing server and a client. The client part is what users use for editing website contents.

The CS4 version of Adobe Contribute provides several additions to the program including improved workflows. The program offers predefined workflows, which can be assigned to the templates in CS4. This helps in automatic publishing processes. The available predefined workflows change dynamically depending on what actions the user requires. This version also offers web browser support that enables users to edit a webpage straight from the supported browsers (i.e. Firefox and IE). Support for websites using blog protocols is available as well. This feature enables editing of website content that uses Atom blog and MetWeblog protocols.

Contribute CS4 added support for Flash and Dreamweaver CS4 as well. This enables insertion of Flash CS4 files into the website via Contribute as well as enables integration between Contribute and Dreamweaver. The program offers commenting options as well. This feature is used for reviewing web pages. The CS4 version also added a feature to delete outdated web pages. Other additions to this program include inline spell checker, auto-save functionality, and ability to specify site-root relative paths.