Adobe Contribute CS3

Adobe Systems Incorporated. (Shareware)

Adobe Contribute CS3 is a website publishing and management application published by Adobe Systems, Inc. It is used for publishing, authoring, and reviewing websites in WYSIWYG HTML editor. The CS3 version was released as a component of the Adobe Creative Suite 3. However, it can also be purchased as a standalone program.

Adobe Contribute CS3 offers new features including Adobe Bridge integration. This allows users to browse and access assets stored in Adobe Bridge. It also enables users to insert files from Adobe Bridge straight to Contribute. This version offers MS Office support as well, wherein users now have the ability to insert MS Office documents to Adobe Contribute pages as PDF files. However, this feature is available in Windows operating system only. The CS3 version features Adobe Help Viewer integration as well allowing users to have the same online help layout as the Adobe Help Viewer format. The blogger support of Contribute CS3 has been improved as well. With this new feature, users now have the ability to access connections to blogs. In relation to this, the program also provides improved blog entry management feature. This enables users to browse a certain blog home page as well as edit blog entries.

Other additional features provided by Adobe Contribute CS3 include:
• HTML snippets support
• Rich media insertion support
• IPv6 support
• Roller blog server support
• Blog entry preview