Adobe Audition CS6

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Proprietary)

Adobe Audition CS6 is an audio editing suite developed by Adobe Systems. The CS6 version was first released on April 23, 2012 as a component of the Creative Suite 6 Production Premium and Creative Suite 6 Master Collection. It is used for creating music, restoring recordings, and producing radio spots. It provides tools for recording, editing, and mixing digital audios. It can also be integrated with other Adobe video programs allowing users to combine video and audio together.

Adobe Audition CS6 offers additional features with improved tools from previous versions. It offers new audio editing features including multi-track clip grouping for grouping multiple clips/tracks simultaneously and multi-track clip spotting for specifying the clips’ start and end times. Aside from this, Audition CS6 can also preview the changes made in an audio/clip. Another new feature added to this version is the Multi-track clip stretching, which is used for stretching multiple clips at the same time. Previewing the changes is also possible.

The program features automatic speech alignment as well. This is used for aligning overdubbed dialogue with the original audio. There is also the parameter automation feature, which utilizes EUCON, Logic Control, or Mackie MCU protocols for mixing audio with control surfaces.

Other additions/changes made in Adobe Audition CS6 include:
• Manual/Automatic Pitch Correction Effect
• File Management features (i.e. Files Panel, Media Browser, and Markers Panel)
• Additional audio/video format support
• Effects routing and side-chaining
• CD Burning functionality