Adobe AIR

Adobe Systems Inc. (Freeware)

Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is a runtime environment that was first released in 2008. The program is used for packaging software for desktops and mobile devices, such as Blackberry, iOS, and Android. With the use of AIR, web applications are able to run as standalone programs without the need for a web browser. Developers use this program to create RIAs (Rich Internet Application) using JavaScript, HTML, Flex, ActionScript, and Flash. Applications created with the program can be installed across different operating systems. Some popular programs that were developed using the Adobe AIR software are GMDesk, TweetDeck, Photoshop Express Uploader, Facedesk, and WordPress Comment Moderator.

Features of Adobe AIR:

• Since it is a standalone program that is installed on the local system, it allows users to access content online and offline.
• Programmers and developers have the freedom to use different programming languages when developing applications for Adobe AIR.
• AIR extensions can be downloaded from the Adobe website for developing for various platforms.
• Developers can built two-dimensional and three-dimensional environments with DirectX graphics and advanced GPU rendering.
• Applications developed with Adobe AIR are protected with digital signatures for identifying the developer of the program before installation.  

Adobe AIR allows programs to use data in various ways by accessing local files, databases, and web services, which allows it to be flexible.