Adobe After Effects CS6

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Shareware)

Adobe After Effects CS6 is an animation, visual effects, and motion graphics application published by Adobe Systems, Inc. The CS6 version was first released on April 23, 2012. This version features Global Performance Cache, which enables users to store previews and be available to users instantly. There is also a new feature called 3D Camera Tracker. This feature is used for tracking 3D elements while providing users with total control of the depth of shadows, reflections, and field. Aside from this, the CS6 version offers additional 3D enhancements including Ray-traced 3D Renderer, Bendable Footage & Composition Layers, Extruded & Beveled Text/Shape Layers, New Material Options, Fast Previews, and Environmental Layer support.

Adobe After Effects CS6 offers a new tool called the Mask Feather. This tool is used to control feathering. The program’s Selection Indicators and Layer Bounding Boxes also support the new 3D features available in this version. This version offers Vector Art Footage-to-Shape conversion feature as well. This feature allows the creation of shape layers. Users may repair footage that contains rolling shutter distortion with its Rolling Shutter Repair feature. Aside from this, the CS6 version of After Effects offers additional 32-bit effects (i.e. Linear Wipe, Drop Shadow, Iris Wipe, Fill, Set Matte, and more). The program’s functionalities can be extended through plug-ins as well. Available plug-ins include CycoreFX HD, Pro Import AE, and more.