Adobe After Effects CS5.5

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Shareware)

Adobe After Effects CS5.5 is a motion graphics application first released on April 11, 2011 by Adobe Systems Incorporated. The program is mainly used for creating motion graphics. The CS5.5 version offers new features including the Warp Stabilizer tool. This is used for smoothening handheld motion shots without the need to create keyframes.  This tool provides various controls for defining stabilization of motion as well as refinements controls. Another new feature included in the CS5.5 version is the Camera Lens Blur, which provides users the ability to create soft-focus effects.

Adobe After Effects CS5.5 also added a new feature that offers source timecode support. With this feature, users have the ability to access the timecode instead of using a separate program to do it. The program also offers users the ability to set up stereoscopic 3D workflow. After Effects’ 3D composition consists of two effects and a control layer. Aside from the four light types available in earlier versions, the CS5.5 version two more controls for stimulating light intensity effects. These include the Smooth Falloff setting for defining light levels decay and the Inverse Square Clamped Falloff for recreating realistic light decay. Aside from these, other new features available in CS5.5 include additional LUTs, additional source format support, and XDCAM EX rendering. The program also offers improvements to other tools/functions available in earlier versions.