Adobe After Effects CS5

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Shareware)

Adobe After Effects CS5 is a program used for compositing and creating digital motion graphics. Published by Adobe Systems, Inc., the CS5 version was first released on April 30, 2010. The program offers new features and improved tools/functions available from previous versions. It can be bought as a standalone application or as a part of the Creative Suite 5.

One of the new features of After Effects CS5 is its native 64-bit support. Unlike previous releases, this version is an entirely 64-bit program. This allows the program to use the computer’s entire memory, which is proven to be advantageous when creating high-res projects. The program also offers the Roto Brush. This new tool is used for separating elements in front from its original background. This allows users to easily transfer a certain object/element (i.e. actors) and placing them on a different environment. The CS5 version of After Effects now offers support for AVC-Intra 50, AVC-Intra 100 codecs and RED cameras. This support provides users the ability to import RED and AVC-Intra files directly. The program also now features the Auto-keyframe mode. When this feature is on, it provides users with a way to simplify the keyframing process. It also now includes Difieffects Freeform, which provides more 3D design options (i.e. extruding layers, creating flags and more)

Other new features available in Adobe After Effects CS5 include the following:
• Support for Color Look-up Table
• Effect enhancements
• Color Finesse 3 LE support
• Mocha shape and Mocha for After Effects CS5
• Adobe CS Live online support