Adobe After Effects CS4

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Shareware)

Adobe After Effects CS4 is a composting and digital motion graphics software developed by Adobe Systems.  It is mainly used for creating visual effects and motion graphics. It is also commonly utilized in the editing process of television production and filmmaking. This application is also useful in such industries as broadcasting and work in emerging devices. The application can be used as a media transcoder and primary non-linear editor. Its main features include visual effects finishing and composting, image color correction and adjustment, and origin of 2.5D and 2D animation.

The software is equipped with numerous features and enhancements that enable a user to be productive, flexible and creative.  Locating, navigating through, and editing parts of a project that need to be refined are done quickly. With the new Cartoon effect feature, live footage can be used as content for cell animation. As an inclusion to the program, Mocha for Adobe After Effects’ 2.5D planar motion tracking allows for easy file searching even with the utmost challenging shots.  Adobe After Effects CS4 is layer oriented, which means that every media object, such as an audio file, stationary image or video clip, is held in its personal track.  The layer- oriented scheme allows for keyframing, broad effects work and project files to be more compact.  By being able to import various filters and image formats, numerous and applicable adjustments can be made to media projects.