Adobe Acrobat Elements 11

Adobe Systems Inc. (Proprietary)

Adobe Acrobat Elements is a software developed by Adobe that enables creating and managing of PDF documents. A PDF file is a format created by Adobe that is independent of the rules of the application used in opening it. For example, a word document looks different when opened in 2 word applications (ex. Microsoft Word and Open Office). On the other hand, a PDF file, is displayed in the same way in any PDF application (even Non-Adobe programs).

With Adobe Acrobat Elements, the software is introduced with the ability to create PDF files. This is different from previous versions of the software whose main ability is to just read PDF files. Through this program, a simple drag and drop feature is all it takes to create the document. Additionally, when Elements, is installed, the computer’s printing software will have an added option in its print menu, allowing it to print PDF files. Furthermore, it grants the feature to add tags to the document. If a Microsoft Word document is converted to a PDF file, the new file retains the file name and the tags of the previous Word document. Lastly, the program now has the ability to add password protection to the documents.

Adobe Acrobat Elements is now discontinued. Newer products do not have the “Elements” in the title and are just called “Adobe Acrobat”.