Admiralty Digital Catalogue

Crown (Shareware)

The Admiralty Digital Catalogue the go-to reference for the available range of Admiralty services and products. Its main function is to simplify the passage planning process with relevant and up-to-date information related to the voyage. The catalogue includes standard products and services such as Admiralty ECDIS Services and ARCS, AVCS, and Standard Navigational Charts and Publications. Data Assessment Notes and T&P NMs (Temporary & Preliminary Notices to Mariners) are now included as well.

The comprehensive content is presented in textual and graphical form. T&P NMs are conveniently displayed geographically. The data can be viewed either as a user-defined group or individually. The information contained is searchable, and can also be saved and printed.

The program is updated regularly and is downloadable. The Catalogue’s latest version contains updated product information and is easy to install after downloading. The Catalogue comes with a free world map. There are two downloadable versions, namely the standard world map and the enhanced world map.

The Admiralty Digital Catalogue users can take advantage of the comprehensive search functionality in looking for specific information. Users may also access the User Guide that is included in the downloadable files. A standard catalogue is available as well as an enhanced catalogue.