ADInsight 1.01

Sysinternals (Freeware)

Geared towards corporate businesses and agencies, Systinternals developed ADInsight—a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or LDAP monitoring tool to study the effectiveness and efficiency of advertisements through real time monitoring of calls and call trends. ADInsight features a variety of visitor level call tracking functions as well as call analytics. ADInsight can provide an insight as to visitor behavior on a website, their visitor path as well as post-visit calling behavior.

ADInsight provides online call tracking technologies that generates real time reports regarding the correlation of search keywords to call hits or of referring domains to call quality, among others. This software can also compare between PPC traffic and organic search as to their link to phone calls conversions. This is done by assigning different phone numbers for each visitor. Thus, ADInsight will be able to track call times, origin and the whole visitor path including site locations viewed after the call.

ADInsight also provides offline call tracking functionality by assigning unique contact information for offline marketing efforts. In doing so, it can track the effectiveness of each type of offline marketing campaign as to the number of call conversions each generate. ADInsight can also track not just the call volume but also the call quality that each type of advert generates, call duration, and call times. Some offline marketing materials are magazines, newspapers, billboards, radio, and TV.

ADInsight was rebranded as ResponseTap in November 2012.