AdFender 2.01

AdFender, Inc. (Freeware)

AdFender is a freeware ad-blocking program developed by AdFender, Inc. It is used for blocking multimedia ads, banners, flash ads, and other online ads. This allows network bandwidths to perform faster; thus, providing faster Internet speed. The program works with any web browser, instant messenger, as well as P2P programs. Aside from blocking online ads, it also helps protect the computer system by removing tracking cookies or profiling and erasing any web trace. The program is a content-filtering proxy server. As such, it works by identifying the website trying to access the computer. If it identifies it as an ad, the request to access the computer is blocked.

AdFender offers the following main functions:

• Online Ad blocker
• Protect Online Privacy and Removes Online Trace
• Improves Internet Speed and Saves Internet Bandwidth
• Identifies Ad Servers Cookies

The program also features customizable settings. These settings allow users to customize how the program works. It also provides filtering statics on the blocked items. Based on the configured settings, the program also automatically updates the list of filters. Whenever a new version of one of the filters is available, AdFender automatically downloads it. Available configuration options include setting the port to be used, proxy settings, startup options, custom rules for filters, and more.