Adersoft HtaEdit 6.2.2

Adersoft (Shareware)

Adersoft HtaEdit is an HTML editor developed by Adersoft and released on December 2008. The program enables users to create HTML applications in minimal time. It offers an integrated debugging function which offers seamless troubleshooting of created applications.  During the debugging process, users may check the values assigned to each variable. The program also allows users to add breakpoints to the HTML editing process, to make it easy to check the code from line to line. Created applications may also be run from within the Adersoft HtaEdit editor. The program also comes with a comprehensive Help file to assist users.

Adersoft HtaEdit features a classic grey Window user interface. The menu bar features options including File, Edit, View, Debug, Snippets, Samples, Tools, and Help buttons. The function bar displays different function buttons commonly used by users. The main interface is divided into three windows—Editor, Object Browser window, and the Variables window. The main editor window allows users to perform all the editing tasks. The Object Browser window to the right of the Editor window allows users to view the available objects that may be added to the current project. These include objects from different WMI classes including objects supported by specific scripts. The Variables window occupies the bottom half of the main interface displaying all the variables with the corresponding values.