Addiction Pinball

Team 17 (Shareware)

Addiction Pinball, developed by Team 17, is a simulation game based on real-life pinball machines. The main objective of the designers and developers of this computer game is to offer players a virtual environment that is as realistic as possible. As a result of their efforts, this pinball simulation game features advanced graphics and realistic pinball tables. The design of the tables follows themes and is meant to impress real-life pinball fanatics. Another highlight of the game is the outstanding soundtrack, which is meant to complement the superb atmosphere offered by the simulation game. The realism of the game extends to the surface friction and ball physics which most pinball enthusiasts find satisfactory.

Addiction Pinball is a fun and addictive sim that offers two different kinds of tables. The Worms table requires players to perform shot combinations in order to complete missions and gain high scores. Meanwhile, the Rally Fever table requires the player to focus more on developing ramp shots in order to emerge triumphant. The arcade-like features of this pinball simulation game will appeal to old-school pinball fans.

Addiction Pinball, first released in 1998 is based on World Rally Fever and Worms, which are popular Team 17 games. The game has been subsequently re-released in 1999 and included in a 2000 collection of computer games.