Add Remove Pro 2.11


Add Remove Pro is an application that is used in updating the Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel of Windows. Entries having dead links are removed using the application. Unusable entries and dead links grow in number over time in a computer because of faulty system problems and uninstall routines. The program verifies if entries are still valid. After which, the program gives a number of options to users such as if broken links are to be removed, leave an entry as it is, or uninstall a certain application.

Registry entries cannot be fixed by the program. Instead, the program menu is cleaned up properly.  Unwanted programs that are found in the registry can be removed by the program. Pertinent entries may be removed or uninstalled. The interface is composed of a main window containing seven tabs below it. The tabs are named entries, backup, accuracy, finder, intro, modify uninstall string, and status.
The program’s main window displays the computer system’s programs, as well as their status. Green signifies a “good link.” Yellow signifies that an uninstall string indicates files that are unfound. Lastly, a red x informs of a link that may be broken.  Uninstall strings have to be backtracked to the programs where they were redirected by users, and not in default directories.