Adarian Money for Windows 5.0

Adarian Software, LLC (Shareware)

Adarian Money for Windows is a program used for managing personal finances. With this program, users will be able to track all their expenses and budget their money wisely. The application has an intuitive user interface with all the task buttons and menus located at the upper portion of the window. When adding items to the program, users just have to fill out fields including the type of transaction, category, account, dates, and status. Users can also add notes. The program has a built-in calculator that can be used for computing bills. Users can view their daily income and expense on a graph. There is also a summary of all of the user’s finances, which makes it easier to keep track of upcoming payments that need to be made.

Here are more of the program’s key features:

• Comes with 14 different types of reports that gives the user complete control over finances and the flow of money
• Has a budget management feature that helps users manage their money wisely in order to stick with their monthly or daily budget
• Supports stock options, so users can also keep track of all their investments
• All data in the application can be printed out for reference
• All finance reports can be exported as QIF and CSV files