Adam's Venture 3

Vertigo Games (Proprietary)

Adam’s Venture 3 is a third-person adventure game developed by the company, Vertigo Games. It is the third and final episode of the Adam’s Venture series and includes the end of Adam and Evelyn’s adventure. The plot also features several back stories that tells the player about Adam’s earlier experiences in Oxford, his brush with death at the hands of the Clairveaux leader, and the first time he meets Evelyn and their journey to the French town of Luz. The player assumes the role of Adam, who in the first scene of this game is shown lying unconscious on the floor. After blacking out, Adam wakes up in a two-year memory with his father. They are in a library in Oxford, looking for clues and revealing secrets about the Book of Genesis when they bump into Professor Saint-Omair and Evelyn. Their connection to the Clairvaux connection is explained in this scene as well.

The next scene shows Adam in the present, wherein he prepares to investigate Solomon’s temple further in order to capture Evelyn’s abductor and the people behind the Clairvaux Corporation. The player accomplishes this by solving puzzles and collecting items listed in his inventory. Adam also interacts with other characters in the game to get clues on how to proceed to the next puzzle. The player can control Adam’s various actions by using the keyboard – he can jump, climb, crawl, and bend to get around the temple.