AD Sound Recorder

Adrosoft (Shareware)

AD Sound Recorder is a program used for recording live streaming of programs over the Internet. It is capable of recording movies, music, and other sources of sound, such as a microphone connected to the computer or sounds from the sound card. It supports a lot of file formats including WMA, OGG, MP3, WAV, and FLAC. The recorded audio is the same as the format of the original file. The program has a sound clipping detection feature for monitoring the sound levels of the audio while recording. It also comes with an ID3 tag editor for supplying data for mp3 files that are recorded using the application. The program provides the user real-time sound visuals (spectrum, sound waveform, amplitude, etc.) to enable tweaks and adjustments to the sound source and create a high quality audio clip output. The user can record a high-quality WAV file and convert it to the MP3 format having a bitrate of the user’s choice. These recorded audio files can be played back on the built-in player to check for sound quality.

Ad Sound Recorder has a file list where information on the recorded files are shown (name, format, duration, and the time and date of creation) and an option to remove or rename a file. The program has hot keys to start or stop a recording instantly, aided with program visuals either in a normal window or on a minimized one at the taskbar.