AD Explorer 1.44

Sysinternals - (Freeware)

AD Explorer, or Active Directory Explorer, is an AD (Active Directory) editor and viewer. It is used for navigating Active Directory databases and modifying Active Directory entries.

Active Directory Explorer offers the following features:

• Navigating – AD Explorer can be used for navigating AD databases. The program shows the information in two panes. The right pane displays the attributes while the left pane displays the Active Directory object tree. The program also features navigating history that stores a record of all the steps taken by the user when navigating through the objects. There is also the Favorites feature, which enables users to add AD objects to the favorite list.
• Objects – The application also features an Object Properties Dialog, which displays all the attributes about the selected object. Users can view more information about the object from the dialog such as security permissions and name of the schema object. Editing the objects (i.e. deleting or renaming) is possible as well.
• Attributes – Users may not only view the attributes of a specific object. It also allows users to edit the value of the attributes. Deleting attributes is possible as well.
• Searching – The program features a search function that enables users to find a certain object container with a particular attribute or group or attribute values. Users may also save search entries.
• Snapshots – AD Explorer is capable of saving a snapshot of the AD database, which can be opened using the AD Explorer later on. The program also features a scheduler, which can be used to schedule a snapshot.