Ad-Aware Application

Lavasoft Limited (Shareware)

Ad-Aware is an anti-virus application that was initially released in 1999. It detects threats on the computer, such as spyware, malware, and adware. The program’s interface shows the computer’s status, Basic Protection options, and Advanced Protection options.

Basic Protection provides security against virus and spyware. It also features real-time protection to prevent threats from installing on the computer. The Game Mode can also be controlled on the Basic Protection portion of the window. In Gaming Mode, users can play games and watch movies without interruption from the security program. Security alerts and scans are suspended when Game Mode is turned on. Even if alerts are off, real-time protection remains active to ensure computer security.

Advanced Protection includes e Browsing options, E-mail Protection, External Storage Scan, Safe Networking, Advanced Firewall, and Shop & Bank Safety Online. These features ensure that users are protected when doing online transactions, receiving and downloading files from e-mails, and browsing websites.

Ad-Aware features a Malware Sandbox Emulator. This technology analyzes and monitors potential threats in a virtual environment. This ensures that the computer remains protected from unidentified viruses.

Here are more features of the program:
Automatic threat updates
Pin-point scanning
Faster scans
Improved heuristics detection
Advanced detection

Ad-Aware has three basic versions – Free Antivirus, Personal Security, and Pro Security.