Ad-Aware Antivirus 11.0.4516.0

Lavasoft Limited (Freeware)

Ad-Aware Antivirus gets rid of threats and unwanted files and programs installed in the computer. The program makes use of two antivirus engines in order to get rid of malware. These two engines are designed to work together in order to provide maximum protection to the system. The application provides real-time protection that stops threats even before they enter the system. It monitors incoming and outgoing traffic in the network and protects the system by blocking activities that come from blacklisted websites and IP addresses. Below is a list of the other features of the application:

• Download Protection – Whenever the user downloads files, the application automatically scans the file to see if it is safe to download in the computer. Files that come with threats are immediately quarantined to prevent it from entering the computer.
• Scanning of External Storage – Ad-Aware Antivirus also scans external devices that are connected to the computer. This ensures that USB sticks and external hard drives always remain clean.
• Game Mode – If game mode is enabled, the user will not be alerted by the security program. The program’s use of system resources will also be lessened to make way for the user. The system is still protected even with the game mode enabled.

Ad-Aware Antivirus updates its database several times a day to ensure that new threats are detected.