ActualCoach 2.32

Flamingosoft (Shareware)

ActualCoach is a virtual soccer management game that enables a user to assume the role of a coach in soccer leagues. In this game, users will get to manage teams from European soccer leagues and participate in championships as well as international soccer competitions. Teams will get to play with popular professional football clubs, including Liverpool, Arsenal, and Manchester United. Players will be able to control all of the aspect of coaching, starting from picking out their team’s lineup, transferring players from one team to another, and even managing the stadium where the next game will be played.

The game features more than three thousand real players and more than 150 soccer teams. Each team has its own squad, stadium, and logo. Players can join in all of the European national tournaments and football club competitions, such as the UEFA Cup and European Super Cup. The English Leagues version of the game allows players to participate in the Premier League and English SuperCup, among other national competitions. The other versions focus on the Italian and the Brazilian leagues.

ActualCoach enables players to adjust different tactical options during a game, including the aggression level and the attack and defense strategy of their teams. Players can also control their football club’s finances, including salaries, stadium profits, and player transfers. The game is simple and easy to understand, and also comes with a full tutorial for first-time users.