Actual Window Manager 7.5.1

Actual Tools (Shareware)

Actual Window Manager is a desktop manager application developed by Actual Tools. Its primary use is for organizing and managing Windows desktop controls. It provides users with unconventional controls and automatic Windows operations. It can be used for keeping windows to be always on top or rolling up, or closing and minimizing inactive windows, and more. The program includes over 50 tools for window manipulations.

Actual Window Manager offers the following features:

• Windows Integration – The program provides full integration with Windows. It provides new buttons aside from the standard window title bar. It also expands the system menu of Windows allowing users to change window settings via the right click menu.
• Individual Window Settings – Setting options for any application or window individually is possible. This provides users configuration options for different windows.
• Multiple Monitors Support – This desktop management tool provides support for multiple monitors. It provides multi-monitor taskbar, wherein each monitor taskbar has a Show Desktop button, Start button, notification area, clock, and toolbars. Aside from this, this feature also offers desktop mirroring, desktop management, and navigation functions.
• Virtual Desktop – Actual Windows Manager offers this feature for organizing multiple windows. This is done by allocating and classifying open windows by placing them on virtual desktops.

Aside from these features, the application also provides transparency effect, hotkeys support, and multilingual support.