Actual Window Guard 8.0.3

Actual Tools (Shareware)

Actual Window Guard is a desktop application for managing open windows of programs that are in use. The program manages the windows and automatically arranges them on the desktop to eliminate clutter and make the desktop efficient for work. The program’s main window is where users can change the window settings for the program. The left side of the panel is where users can find the window settings, hotkeys for commands, options, and tools. In addition to automatically resizing windows, Actual Window Guard has other useful features including the following:

• set windows to maximize or minimize upon system startup
• change the launch priority for specific applications to low, below normal, normal, above average, high, or realtime
• set a particular window to always be above all windows
• close pop-ups that are not relevant to work
• align windows in nine different positions on the desktop

Actual Window Guard has an intuitive interface where users can change the rules for the program. There are five parameters to change – startup, closing, position, size, and priority. Users can view a list of all the programs with their rules under Windows Settings. Other information provided includes the name of the application, the window class, the window caption, and the program. Users can right click on an item to add, copy, or delete window rules.