ActForex (Proprietary)

ActTrader is a comprehensive market-trading platform for a variety of devices. The program comes in several versions for different devices, which include:

• A downloadable desktop version. Users must first download the application’s executable file. This will be used to download the full version of the platform.
• An online/browser version that is Java-based
• iPad, iPhone and Android-based versions
• Windows-based smartphones for use with the Symbian-compatible version

The user interface displays everything up front for easier data management. Information such as the user’s account number, equity, trading balance, net profit or loss, and usable margin are all prominently displayed on top of the screen. The other buttons are:

• TRADING to start the orders
• CHART which is used to display currency pair charts
• LAYOUT which enables users to change the screen layout
• CATALOG which shows the entire instruments and tradable currencies on the program
• WINDOWS to display information in pop-up boxes. Data displayed includes pending orders, open positions, and related information.

The program provides users with high levels of customization. Trading instruments, feed sources, and transaction fees are a few of the numerous options open to configuration. It also allows the creation of a number of desktop profiles meant for different trader types; such as money manager, advanced, and beginner.