Roman Svihalek, Advanced Software (Shareware)

ActivityMon is an application used for monitoring activities done on the computer. The program is installed in office and organization computers for determining what an employee does as soon as the computer is turned on. The application can monitor what employees type on the computer and what applications are opened. The program can also take a screenshot of the desktop or the active window, allowing a manager to view exactly what is happening on the screen.

ActivityMon also takes note of idle periods. When no action has been recorded for a certain period, this indicates that the computer has not been used in any way and the user may be idle. The manager or supervisor can collect user statistics at the end of the day or week. The data will show information about the employees’ computer usage.

Computer users will not know that the program is installed in their computers because the program can be installed invisibly, and will not show in any of the programs and folders. The program can also make the computer log off on certain periods, monitor installed programs and connected devices, and list all applications launched within a specified period.

Parents can also use the program to monitor and limit their children’s use of the computer.