Ariolic Software, Ltd. (Shareware)

ActiveSMART is an application used in computer data loss protection in cases of failed hard drives, and assessment of used disk space. Real-time disk conditions are monitored such as performance, health status, and temperature.  

One can also determine what takes up a hard drive’s space by a program scanning facility. A graphical overview of every disk folder and file can be obtained with a few mouse clicks. A file shredder function permanently deletes files through distinct shredding algorithms. The program makes use of a SMART technology that enables assessment of all hard disk conditions. SSD and USD drives can also be used with the application. Comprehensive reports regarding hard drive conditions are provided. Unstable and bad hard drive sectors are detected through program scanning. Detected problems are presented and alerts are given for possible hard drive anomalies. Alerts include network, pop-up, and email messages that report disk problems. Other detailed hard drive information present how old a hard drive is, and the number of collected write or read errors. Hard drive customizations include noise level adjustment and power modes modification. Critical hard disk temperature may be specified by users so that the program will automatically suspend one’s PC and save one’s work in cases of overheating.